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Villa prices include the lot, construction of the villa, landscaping, swimming pool, and service building for pool equipment/storage.

Villa Bella

Villa Verano

Perfect vacation home.
2-Bedroom:  $119,800 US

Villa Bella

Villa Sunset

A great home at a fantastic price!
2-Bedroom:  $126,900 US

Villa Bella

Villa Capri

Windows everywhere!  Let the tropics in!
2-Bedroom:  $128,150 US


Villa Sunseeker

A very customizable villa.
2-Bedroom:  $176,600 US
3-Bedroom: $ $212,200 US


Villa Serenity

A lovely, open concept L-shaped bungalow.
2-Bedroom:  $201,700 US

Fly and Buy

Villa Tranquila

A unique, horseshoe shaped villa.
2-Bedroom:  $226,500 US
3-Bedroom:  $247,000 US

The DR

Villa Mirabella

This villa is all about the view.
2-Bedroom:  $239,600 US

The DR

Villa Bella

Well planned, mid-size 3-bedroom home.
$269,000 US

The DR

Villa Camara

One of our most popular models.  3-Bedrooms of well planned space.
$296,200 US

The DR

Villa Ultima

One of our most popular models.  3-Bedrooms of well planned space.
$359,800  US

The DR


Add a bedroom, outdoor entertainment area, 1/2 bath, or storage.
$37,000  US or $54,680 US



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Great Reasons to Own Dominican Republic Real Estate

  • VALUE FOR DOLLAR –  The north coast of the Dominican and specifically Casa Linda offers affordable  real estate mixed with an executive level construction specification.
  • CLIMATE – Where else can you enjoy perpetual tropical summer weather, with over 200 days of sunshine?  There are also no hurricanes on the north coast.
  • STABILITY – The Dominican Republic offers a democratic, foreign investment friendly government, low taxes and simple residency process.
  • CONVENIENCE – The Dominican can be used as a jumping off point to travel the rest of the world.  We have many international airports with direct flights to Europe, the US and Canada.
  • INVESTMENT – Real estate has proven to be a stable, secure investment in the Dominican with good capital appreciation each year. The land title system is similar to North America with fully owned titles and properties.
  • COMMUNITY –  A large expat  population makes the north coast home, and has for over 30-years.  Expect a warm welcome, many social events, excellent services, and a large friendship group.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE – The Dominican has the best communications system in Latin America as well excellent medical facilities/doctors.  You can expect to find similar comforts to North America here in the Dominican.